Welcome to Dashing Hamsters. I created this website back in 2005, initially to have a place to share my love of hamsters. Throughout the years I have come across a lot of information that just often doesn't match up. Care standards and information are outdated, and these little creatures are misunderstood by many. So I decided to make this website as more than just a hamster lover's website, but a hamster website for modern owners who are looking for up to date advice on how to care for and understand their beloved hamsters. On DH you can learn about hamsters, see some cute pictures and read through a hamster filled blog.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to Dashing Hamsters

I'm merely testing this whole blogspot host thing out. My website is currently hosted by freewebs, which I have become increasingly frustrated with as they continue to limit what I can use for free on their website. From storage space to the amount of pages I can have. I have also changed the site's name. It has been Hamster Wheel for years but I have always come across other small websites with the same name and this name is better. Dashing Hamsters is named after my first hamster, Dash.

I'm still figuring this whole thing out so we'll see how this pans out. If it seems to actually be better than I may switch over to this host. There's really no point to this post other than to see how it will look on the main page and to try and figure out some neat functions. I really hope that this works out seeing as my current site is starting to suck what with all the limits on it. Why pay money for more pages when I can find a better host?

~Holly, Rory & Bones

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  1. I just hope you've liked it here and you're gonna stay for good :-)