Welcome to Dashing Hamsters. I created this website back in 2005, initially to have a place to share my love of hamsters. Throughout the years I have come across a lot of information that just often doesn't match up. Care standards and information are outdated, and these little creatures are misunderstood by many. So I decided to make this website as more than just a hamster lover's website, but a hamster website for modern owners who are looking for up to date advice on how to care for and understand their beloved hamsters. On DH you can learn about hamsters, see some cute pictures and read through a hamster filled blog.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Meet Lumiel

After a short break from hamsters so that I could finish off my school year and delve into working over the summer I have finally welcomed another hamster into my life. He is a long haired banded mink syrian named Lumiel. He seems to be a rather mellow and easy going little guy that is most certainly an avid wheel hamster. And now without further delay, the pictures!

I would also like to take the time to mention that I do also have a youtube channel where I share videos of my pets, mostly of the hamsters. The link is right here: My Youtube Channel. Here's a sample:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Scientific Look at Pine and Cedar

Over on the Hamster Hideout Forum (www.hamsterhideout.com/forum) a couple of members under the username's Taxonomist and tbiM20 both worked together to create a more scientific based look at cedar and pine shavings and the associated dangers of using them for small animals including hamsters. The link to this post is right here: Cedar and Pine: Why You Should Avoid It

The post is careful to explain what it is about these softwoods that makes them so dangerous for use in a hamster's home and also explains exactly why pine and cedar are so toxic. If you aren't convinced to switch to an alternative substrate yet then please do give this article a read in order to at least understand what your choice means for your hamster.