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Monday, August 22, 2011

Abbreviations and Terms

A quick reference to some terminology that is often used by hamster keepers. 

20GL= 20 gallon long aquarium.
BEW= Black Eyed White 
Bins= Plastic storage bins converted into cages
CF= Carefresh
CT= Crittertrail
(number)G= Usually when a number such as 20 is seen next to the letter G, then it is referring to gallons, a sin aquariums.
Ham/Hammy/Hamstey/Ham Ham=Hamster
HH= Hamster Hideout
HT= Habitrail
LH= Long Haired
PEW= Pink Eyed White
PTS= Put To Sleep (euthanized)
Rainbow Bridge= Where animals go when they pass to wait for their owners.
REA= Red Eyed Argent
REL= Red Eyed Lilac
REW= Red Eyed White
RCD/RC= Russian Campbell Dwarf
RIP= Rest In Peace
Robo= Roborovski Dwarf
SH= Short Haired
SPCA/ASPCA/RSPCA= Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. RSPCA is in the UK and ASPCA is in the US.
SS= Silent Spinner
WWD/WW= Winter White Dwarf
YN= Yesterdays News

Have any more? Then feel free to leave a comment!


  1. If I write "hammie" in english, which is supposed to mean something like a "little hamster", do I use it properly or maybe only this "hammy" word is correct?

  2. Oh I forgot that one, 'hammie' is also correct. :)

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