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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carefresh Complete Hamster Food: Sunflower Seeds

So I have only just realized that Carefresh Complete does not have sunflower seeds in it. I obviously assumed they were in there because usually all mixes have them, some being overloaded with them. I've never used the mix myself so please excuse me if this is blatantly obvious to anyone else. Link to the product for further information: Care Fresh Complete Hamster Food- Product Link.

So since this is one of the more recommended mixes I did want to bring it up in case someone didn't know. Sunflower seeds are incredibly healthy and should not be cut out of a hamster's diet completely. Since most mixes do contain them and most of the quality ones aren't overloaded with them, I sometimes do not stress this factor. While they aren't good in excess, in moderation they are very important. If you want to know what I mean please check out this link: Sunflower Seeds: Re-examined by Eddie Cope. It is on a gerbil website but the essence of the article can translated back to hamsters!

So if you are feeding Carefresh Complete, please do remember that you will need to add in sunflower seeds to your hamster's diet. Plain, organic sunflower seeds are probably best. About 3-5 daily should be fine, and like 99% of hamsters adore them.

They aren't the horrible fattening seeds that some in the past have made them out to be, so don't skip on them please.


  1. Great post.Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us.

  2. Does it matter if they are already hulled or not? I went to the grocery store to try to find organic, unseasoned sunflower seeds but the only kind they had were hulled (no shell).

  3. Technically no it doesn't; it just gives them a little more work to do. But if you can't find them with the shell then that's just fine. :)