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Friday, January 20, 2012

Campaign for the 8.5" Silent Spinner

We all love hamsters and so we all know that they need wheels. And since many of us have our hamsters in our room, we like to have a good, silent wheel. I remember when the Silent Spinner first made it's way on the shelves. It was asleep saver. The first actually (generally) silent wheel. Soon it was realized that the sizes were all off. 4.5" Silent Spinners are too small for dwarf and Chinese hamsters (and mice for that matter too) and the 6.5" wheel is far too small for the majority of full grown Syrian hamsters. Yet they are sold as the perfect size:

6.5" diameter wheel is ideal for hamsters, mice, gerbils, or other small animals
Source: http://www.superpetusa.com/product-list/silent-spinner-wheel-regular.htm

Who hasn't wished for a bigger Silent Spinner? Sure you can just go and buy the 12" wheel, but it doesn't fit in all cages and unnecessarily takes up room in the cage. Not many syrians (except perhaps Swedish syrians, I'm told) actually need a 12" wheel anyway. While there are other wheels that are fairly silent they aren't always accessible to most people, while the Silent Spinner is pretty common.

Back in 2007 the pet rat community, who were all fans of Midwest's Ferret Nation cage, campaigned to have Midwest create a rat-friendly version, the Rat Nation. It worked, though was instead called the Critter Nation. Rat lovers all over the world e-mailed them and they got a spiffy, rat-specific cage. A whole new cage. Now a wheel size upgrade can't be too much to ask for in comparison, can it?

So hamster lovers, (even if you don't use the Silent Spinner yourself or if you don't have syrian hamsters to worry about please consider helping out anyway. You never know what the future might hold, right?) please contact the Super Pet Company and let them know of your interest in an 8.5" Silent Spinner. If only a few people e-mail than it won't do much, they need to see that people are really interested in this so that they know it won't be a waste of money to look into and create. So please ask other hamster lovers, re-post on hamster forums, etc. If we want this to happen then we need more than a few e-mails.

You can even look at it as helping hamsters. Think of the ignorant and misinformed people that buy the 6.5" Silent Spinner thinking it perfect for their syrian; meanwhile their syrian quickly outgrows it and then is left to gain back problems or to go without a useable wheel. Yet had the 8.5" Silent Spinner been there, marked for Syrian hamsters it would be one less issue for that hamster, right?

Consider this while writing perhaps:

-They are a business first and foremost so appeal to that side of them. You have enjoyed their products, like what they have but cannot continue to buy their products nor recommend them to anyone else so long as the wheel is too small to be safe. They don't want to lose money.
-Explain what the problem is and recommend how you think it could be better (i.e it's too small, bad for their backs, needs to be bigger)
-Be polite! Demanding and going 'crazy' on them will not help
-If you have a picture of a syrian on a Silent Spinner that shows it's back curving than consider adding this too.

You can contact them through this e-mail address (the easiest way):

Or if you want to send them a physical letter then this is their contact address:

Super Pet
Attn: Customer Service
2121 Touhy Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL

Or if you want to call they have a number too:

If you have any suggestions for what else should be included in the letters or what we should be asking for then please say it, hehe. Doing away with the 4.5" wheel and trading it with the 8.5" wheel (the the 6.5" becomes the new mini) seems like the ideal way to go. So please do your part and send an e-mail. It doesn't need to be long, just get the facts down. Thank you for your support!

~Holly, Rory and Bones


  1. I think this is a great cause. Rory's tiny for a Syrian, and her wheel is still a little small.

    I think I'll send an email. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I just ordered the giant silent spinners for my Syrians because the 6.5 is too small. I honestly don't know why they even keep the comfort line. I use the 6.5 for my mice now. (I use the wodent wheel for my rats.) I ordered custom cages for the hammies so the wheel will fit in them. LOL Nothing is too good for my critters.