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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Call for Help!

I am putting together something about different brands and recipes of hamster foods. It's already a long list, but I am hoping to cover as many mixes and lab blocks as possible. Basically just going through each one to explain if it would be a good choice to feed or not, and why. It's been a big project so far but I am hoping to be done within the next few days. My biggest problem is that a lot of companies do not seem to like to represent their own products very well. There are several foods that I am finding it difficult to find an accurate ingredient list as well and some basic nutritional information (namely protein, fat and fibre percentages).

I had some great detectives help me find some information for one mix already but I'm wondering if I can get some more help. Some of your help perhaps?

So far the foods that I have completed on the list are these ones:
-8 in 1 Ecotrition Essential Blend Hamster and Gerbil Food
-8 in 1 Ecotrition Organic Blend Hamster and Gerbil Food
-All Living Things Hamster and Gerbil Daily Diet
-Burgess Supahamster Hamster Harvest
-Burgess Supahamster Dwarf Hamster Harvest
-CareFRESH Complete Menu Hamster and Gerbil
-FM Brown's Natural Hamster Food with Vitamins and Minerals
-FM Brown's Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food for Hamsters and Gerbils (thanks to my detective friends)
-Grreat Choice Hamster/Gerbil
-Hamster Muesli by Pets at Home
-Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet [Thank you HoppingHammy from HH]
-Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat and Hamster Food
-Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Hamster and Gerbil Food
-Kaytee Forti-Diet Crunch Hamster and Gerbil
-Kaytee Supreme Hamster and Gerbil
-Kaytee Forti-Diet Hamster/Gerbil
-Kaytee Chunky Hamster and Gerbil
-Kaytee Nature's Benefits Hamster and Gerbil Daily Diet
-Kaytee Fiesta Max Hamster/Gerbil
-Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Hamster and Gerbil Mix
-Living world Classic Hamster food [Thank you SyrianPumpkin from HH]
-Living World Extrusion pellets [Thank you SyrianPumpkin from HH]
-LM Farms Hamster and Gerbil
-LM Animal Farms Bonanza Gourmet Diet Hamster and Gerbil
-Mazuri Hamster and Gerbil
-Oxbow Essentials for Hamsters and Gerbils
-Premium Hamster Muesli by Pets at Home [Thank you SyrianPumpkin from HH]
-Purina Little Wonders
-Purina Garden Recipe Hamster and Gerbil Diet
-Sun Seed Sunscrition Vita Prima Hamster and Gerbil Formula
-Supreme Pets Food Hazel Hamster (Note: Different than Harry Hamster)
-Supreme Pets Food Harry Hamster (Note: Different than Hazel Hamster)
-Supreme Science Selective Hamster
-Tesco Everyday Value Gerbil and Hamster Food
-Tesco Hamster Food Peanut and Sunflower Seed
-Vitakraft Menu Hamster
-Vitakraft Vitasmart Hamster
-Wagg Hamster Gerbil Mouse Munch
-Wilko Original Hamster Mix

(I didn't even realize how many I had until now!)

But I still need some help with some more!:

-Versele-Laga Mini Hamster Nature Complete (I need a more complete ingredient list as well as fat, fibre, and protein content)
-Versele-Laga Hamster Nature Complete (I need a more complete ingredient list as well as protein, fat, and fibre)
-Vitakraft Emotion Beauty Hamster Food (I need a more complete list of ingredients as well as protein, fat, and fibre content)
-Pets at Home Hamster Nuggets (need ingredients as well as protein, fat, and fibre content)
-Beaphar Care+ Hamster Food (Need ingredients plus protein, fat, and fibre content)
-Beaphar Xtra-Vital Hamster Food (need ingredients plus protein, fibre, and fat content)
-Beaphar Care+ Dwarf Hamster Food (need ingredients plus protein, fat, and fibre content)
-8-in-1 Pet Products Premium Hamster/Gerbil Food Wild Harvest (Full ingredients plus protein, fat and fibre content) 

And so far that's it. If there any you know of that I don't have on either list please let me know too! I can try checking a couple of them next time I am out but many of these ones aren't available around here. If anyone can help even if it's just a picture of the needed information off the bag while you're out shopping, it would certainly help! I will be sure to give credit to anyone that helps as well as to those that have already helped. You can e-mail me at holly.hammie@gmail.com or post it in the comments below.

I've been looking on various forums, on the company’s websites, on other websites selling the product with little no luck. Maybe some of you have better Google skills than me? Or access to the actual food even.

Anyways any help is appreciated! 


  1. Here's the list for Versele-Laga Hamster Nature (Mine doesn't have the 'Complete' word in the title but the description says that it's complete feed):
    COMPOSITION: Cereals (31%), vegetables (18,5% of which 1,5% carrots and 5% beetroot), derivatives of vegetable origin, seeds (11%), fruit (7,5% of which 9,5% apricot, 9,5% pineapple, 12,5% banana, 12,5% papaya, 12,5% raisins and 38% carob), vegetable protein extracts, nuts (5%), minerals, yeast, FOS, herbs, calendula. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: 17% Protein, 8,5 % Fat content, 7% Crude fibre, 4% Crude ash, 0,45% Calcium, 0,45% Phosphorus, 0,79% Lysine, 0,33% Methionine. ADDITIVES/kg: Nutritional additives: 11640I.U. Vitamin A, 1990I.U. Vitamin D3, 38 mg Vitamin E, 42 mg E1 (Iron), 1,9 mg E2 (Iodine), 9 mg E4 (Copper), 68 mg E5 ( Manganese), 65 mg E6 (Zinc), 0,25 mg E8 (Selenium), Colourants, Antioxidants.
    *They advise to feed a hamster daily with portion of approx. 15 g.

  2. :-) It's me who should thank you for you constant effort in educating us about our little fuzzy friends. Your work is great and you're irreplaceable :-*

  3. I sent you a list by email which concludes the list of the colourants and antioxidants used in V-L Hamster feed products

  4. Thank you for that information, it was wonderful!