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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Scientific Look at Pine and Cedar

Over on the Hamster Hideout Forum (www.hamsterhideout.com/forum) a couple of members under the username's Taxonomist and tbiM20 both worked together to create a more scientific based look at cedar and pine shavings and the associated dangers of using them for small animals including hamsters. The link to this post is right here: Cedar and Pine: Why You Should Avoid It

The post is careful to explain what it is about these softwoods that makes them so dangerous for use in a hamster's home and also explains exactly why pine and cedar are so toxic. If you aren't convinced to switch to an alternative substrate yet then please do give this article a read in order to at least understand what your choice means for your hamster.


  1. oddly enough, today while doing online shopping for pet supplies, I was thinking about this issue. Pine bedding is still available, and I wonder why.

  2. I'm surprised they even still sell pine and cedar. It's cruel to hamsters and I think it's cruel that pet shops sell it. I will make a mental note to NEVER, EVER buy this again. It's in my hamsters cage at the moment, and I haven't got any bedding so I will ask my mum to go to the shops tomorrow and get me some bedding that ISN'T pine or cedar. Thankyou for telling us all this, because we could be making our hamsters unwell.