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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update on the Campaign for an 8.5" Silent Spinner

This is in reference to this post: Campaign for the 8.5" Silent Spinner

Most people that have e-mailed them have not received any reply, not even a confirmation that the e-mail was received. However on Super Pet USA's Facebook page we have gotten a reply of sorts:
"Thanks for the input! We love hearing from you and appreciate any and all feedback on our products. This is helpful! We value your feedback and will definitely take a look at this."
It is nothing solid, however it is something. If any of you have a Facebook account then a comment could be posted on the page, they seem to monitor this page more closely than their e-mail system. The link to their page is here: Super Pets USA Facebook Page. It all helps, thank you everyone!
 ~Holly, Rory and Bones

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