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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rest Peacefully Rory

Two years and three days ago I drove over an hour away to adopt two lovely roborovski dwarf hamsters from a girl that got surprised with babies from hamsters that she had received as a present. I remember being surprised at just how small they really were, never having seen robos before. It took me almost 10 minutes to get both of them out of their cage and into the travel cage. They had a long ride to their new home, but settled in well. Rory was always the braver of the two, even though she was quite dependent on Bones. She often didn't mind me handling her for short periods of time and was usually the most cooperative with photo shoots.
Once I found both of them in "hibernation" due to the lack of heat in my room mid-winter. It was the longest amount of time I was ever able to hold them as I warmed them in my hands. Rory came around first, nudging her sister until she woke too.
After having them for about a year I was itching to give these girls a bigger home. They were upgraded to a Detolf cage (a cage built from a detolf shelf from ikea). Rory's favourite pastime (when she could reach it), was hanging upside down from the lid and chewing on the mesh in order to get my attention. Today I found her dead, buried in their aspen. She looked quite peaceful.

Rory and Bones may as well have been attached at the hips. No full memory exists of one without the other. Bones is taking it rather well though. She is eating, drinking and running around just fine and she looks healthy as can be. We are both going to miss Rory, but I am glad that she stuck around as long as she did.


Rest In Peace Rory.
Adopted April 23, 2010 -- Passed April 28, 2012


  1. I am SO sorry! But what lovely photos to remember her! Especially the last one. But you are so very lucky to have another hamster to comfort you in your grief. It is very sad to lose a hamster, or any other pet. My hamster died because his brother attacked him. :( Again, I'm so sorry!


  2. I'm so sorry... my (live) hammie also named Rory and I hope that she rests in peace :(

  3. That's so sad, and like the others, I'm so sorry. I am sure Rory had a great life and is now resting in peace. Hope you are ok

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. :( Rest in peace little Rory... She had a good life with you. *hugs*

  5. I'm sorry for your loss. Rory was a beautiful hamster, and perhaps you're able to take comfort in the fact that she looked peaceful when you found her.