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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kaytee Recalls Food Due to Salmonella

Heads up everyone, while the food isn't really recommended as it doesn't exactly meet a hamster's needs; I thought it best to share anyways. Kaytee has had to recall some of their foods, including:
The recalled products are 3-pound packages with a “best before” date of 31-Mar-2013 K63 (UPC Code 71859 9994); 5-pound packages with a “best before” date of 03-Apr-2012 K61 (UPC Code 71859-00001); and 25-pound bags with “best before” dates of 31-Mar-20-13 (UPC Code 71859 99995) and, for Petco stores only, 30-Mar-2013 (UPC Code 71859 00000).

No other products or product lots are involved in the recall and no human or pet illnesses have been reported, according to Kaytee.

If you are using any of their food be sure to check the date and codes, especially if your in the US and got it form PetCo.

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  1. Oh my word! I love this stuff.... I'll be careful! :(