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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NO pets for Christmas!

Simply scroll down for the English version.

Please do remember that giving someone a pet as a present for any occasion is not a good idea. Not unless it has been okay'd by the person receiving the animal. So many animals get forgotten once the 'magic' of a new pet wears off and many people aren't prepared for the responsibility of a pet or perhaps not well researched in the needs of that animal. Look in the shelters even within a month after the holidays. Look through the want ads. Countless animals of all sorts needing homes. Just don't do it and save a life. Animals aren't things that can be thrown in a corner once the human grows bored, they are living beings too and deserve respect.

On a less serious note, Merry Christmas from myself and from my hams, Rory & Bones. Christmas pictures will be up soon. :)


  1. That's right. Well said. Sad but true.

  2. Good and accurate post. And.... oh my gosh, one of your hams is called Rory? Me too! *high five*